Let’s cook together the best Italian food!

Cooking class and team building in Milano

Hello everybody, I am Aurora Muti, chef-owner of Cookandine, ranked number one things to do in Milan on Trip Advisor, thanks to our customers‘ opinions. This success enabled us to grow and host bigger groups such as team buildings or events named as Team Cooking Milan, where we host up to 100 people-

We have three different locations in Milano depend on the number of participants; Our team of chefs is all Italians but they speak good English to teach the best Italian recipes to people who come to Milano from all over the world.

How the team building in the kitchen works ?: Team Cooking Milan begins with a welcome drink, followed by a 2-hour cooking class. Our chefs will teach to all participants the recipes from the traditional Italian cuisine. After the cooking class you will enjoy the dinner you cooked accompanied by some good italian wine.

team building cooking class


We can hold  till 100 people. Cooking class and team building are held in english with 6 italian certified chefs.

team building cooking class
Team building cooking class in Milan

How Does team cooking Work?

We have different cooking areas depending on what you cook; the guests will be divided into groups to move from one to another chef to cook all the recipes on the menu: appetizers, pasta, main course and dessert.

After two hours or less of cooking class the dinner will be served in another area already set with italian D.O.C.G. wine red/white, limoncello and espresso coffee.


We can manage different kinds of menu (gluten free and vegetarian also) depend on your request.

An example of menu can be….

  • appetizers :  filled zucchini flowers or bruschetta
  • pasta: fresh egg pasta ravioli or fettuccine or potatoes gnocchi, bolognese sauce, or pesto sauce- PIZZA!!!
  • main course: lamb in roman style with baby onion or parmigiana eggplants.
  • dessert : tiramisu or panna cotta with strawberries

…..OR Ask for any recipe you would like to cook!

fresh eggpasta during the cooking class
First make fresh pasta with chef Aurora…..
Team building cooking class


We are open all the year around, from Monday till Sunday. 

Morning  classes begin at 10.30 am

or evening class at 5 pm.

Team cooking milan
Potato Gnocchi
Team cooking Milan
team building milan
Big team …more chefs…more food….more fun!


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