The location in Milano

Welcome to the Team cooking class in Milano.

This is the Location for Team Cooking Milano, and were we host the event…

Location Team Cooking Milano
….but first let’s have a Prosecco and then we start cooking .

Where are we?

For Team cooking class Milano we have a  location close to Corso Lodi, 5 metro stop from Duomo. It is very good for team building and cooking class in the kitchen.   There are  Professional working areas and a big dining room that can host event of cooking lesson till 100 people. The place is organized in different areas, it depends  on the recipes they have to cook: pasta area, dessert area cooking sauce area, baked area and so on.

Link to map – Team cooking class

Location Team Cooking Milano
Entrance and relax corner….
team building milan cooking class
Laboratory Team Cooking Milano
Entrance and Seating Area
cooking class entrance

Let’s cook together