Well it’s a big challenge to guess what italian eat for Christmas! In northern Italy a good boullion made with a beef bone, chicken wings, celery, carrot and onion and then add a peeled potato, boil for 3 hours,then filter and add salt. This goes with tortellini, filled pasta with meat, parmisan, prosciutto, eggs…

After the “tortellini or cappelletti in brodo” we can have boiled meat with mostarda fruit and green sauce (parsley, vinegar, anchoives and garlic all crushed together)

Panettone or Pandoro with mascarpone cream is the typical dessert in Milan and torrone (nougat) from Cremona

In southern Italy fish it’s a must : capitone (marinated eel), different kind of pasta with fish and vegies. The most importants are the dessert : the honey is the Christmas king with struffoli and cartellate 

In Italy we have 20 regions and I can say that we have 20 different kind of Christmas dinner

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